Through the Door

The door to your house/flat/apartment/abode has come unstuck in time. The next time you walk through it, you find yourself in the same place, but a different time entirely. Where are you, and what happens next?

“Beep” “Beep” “Beep” Its 7am, my alarm goes off. As I open my eyes I see sun light coming thru my window, I feel the warmth of the sun on my skin. As I struggle to get up from bed and get my day started, the sound of my white crisp sheets call my name. I resist the temptation of laying back down and continue to put on my robe and slippers. I walk out of  my room, start walking down the hallway making my way to the front door to get my newspaper. As I am walking down the hallway I start feeling a tingle ling sensation in my stomach. As I get closer to the door that sensation gets stronger and stronger. I get to the door and as soon as my hand touches and starts turning the knob I get a feeling of happiness and peacefulness. I am taken back a bit, but continue to open my front door.

I walk through the door to a beautiful sunny day. There is a slight breeze, birds are chirping, the grass is as green as it can be and flowers are blooming. All of the sudden I see a little boy run across my yard. He is dressed with the cutest little clothes, big brown eyes, slight curly hair and a smile that can melt anybody’s heart. Suddenly he looks at me and shouts “Good morning grandma”. Many questions start racing thru my head along with confusion. Who is this little boy? Why is he calling me grandma? Not being able to make sense of it I decide to move along with my day. As I bend down to pick up my news paper a beautiful young woman tells me “Let me get that for you mom”. I stare deeply into her big beautiful brown eyes and I realize its my daughter Abigail. I look down at my news paper and the year is 2056, she is now 45.

She tells me “Come sit down with me, it’s a beautiful day”. So she grabs me from the arm and helps me walk over to a cute little bench on the porch. As she helps me walk over to that cute little bench I catch my reflection on the window. My hair is covered in a blanket of snow. My face is covered in wrinkles, each of them with a story to tell. She helps me sit down and covers my legs with a soft blanket. “I don’t want your legs to get cold mom”. She puts her arm around me, lays her head on my shoulder and starts talking on and on about her career, her husband, children and how happy she is. At this time happiness has overcome my confusion of not knowing what’s going on. Suddenly the little boy, my grandson comes running and sits down on my daughter’s lap. He tells her “hug me mommy”. I look at them hugging and cannot help it, I feel the tears running down my face. Seems like it was just yesterday that she was running to my arms asking for hugs. My grandson looks at me and with his little hands he wipes away my tears and tells me “don’t cry grandma, I love you”. Knowing that my child had children of her own now and had grown up to be a beautiful person inside and out, who didn’t think any goal was to big for her to take on made me feel proud. In that moment I feel an internal sensation of peace and love that cannot be described.


Add some color

Add some color
Many women seem to be scared of color, including me. At one point my closet was full of darkness, black, grey, nude, white and did I mention black? Slowly but surely my closet has started seeing day light. I’ve taken baby steps and added some corals, pinks, yellows, and blues. The more I wear color the more comfortable I get mixing colors and prints. So don’t be afraid and give it a try. Take small steps:
1. Start with something subtle like a piece of jewelry. A chunky necklace in a bright color can make a simple outfit stand out. If the chunky necklace is a bit too much to start off with, try a big cocktail ring.
2. Keep your outfit really simple and add a pop of color with some shoes. You will definitely stand out in a crowd.
3. Once you have become comfortable wearing colored jewelry, shoes, purses and clothes you’ll be a pro a mixing and matching colors.
Spring/Summer is here so don’t be scared to add that pop of color to your wardrobe. Let your closet see the daylight and let the mirror in front of you see how beautiful you can look with some bright colors.

Amazing and Inspiring

Inspiring, Courageous, Amazing, Strong all these words plus many more are the definition of Super woman Lisa Peterson. Just the other day I logged on to my account and noticed somebody had hit the “like” button for my post “working moms vs. stay at home moms”. Like any newbie to the blog world I got excited somebody had taken the time to read what I had to say. The nice person who took the time to read my post was Lisa Peterson from I went on to her blog and started reading. It didn’t take much to read to be completely blown away.

The minute I saw the name of her blog “5kidswithdisabilies” I was intrigued. I didn’t really know what to make of it. It is just a catchy name? Does she really have 5 kids? Do they all really have disabilities? well yes she does have 5 kids with disabilities. As I started reading her “About” page I couldn’t help it, the tears started to pour. I was feeling completely and utterly AMAZED! Her oldest son is legally blind, went to Cambridge University in England and obtained a PhD. She has a 25-year-old  daughter who was adopted from Guatemala, you can read this interesting story on her blog. An 18-year-old with a long history of Autism. A 15-year-old who has dissociative identity disorder and a 13-year-old daughter who is profoundly deaf and  has post-traumatic stress. Not only is she is a mother of 5 kids with disabilities but she managed to write a book called “The apple tree: 5 kids with disabilities and remaining sane”. Her post’s are full of positivity, encouragement and humor.

Just after I was done reading her “About” page I couldn’t help it and kept on reading. There I was at 2am reading her “I wont wear that to church anymore” post. I could not get Lisa Peterson off my head. The next day  I went on telling my husband, mom and sisters everything I had read about this amazing woman. They were just as moved as I was. That is why I decided to write about her. The world need to know all about this incredible woman. If only I had her in front of me I would give her a big hug and tell her “Thank you for showing those children the meaning of love and giving them the life you have.” Her family’s journey is a must read for everyone. Her blog is a little treasure you’ll be happy to find. She truly has an amazing positive way about life, full of kindness, patience and love. We need more Lisa Peterson’s in this world!


Working moms Vs. Stay at home moms


Just recently I was watching a TV show and they were talking about mothers who chose to stay at home with their children and mothers who chose to go out into the work field. It struck a nerve seeing these women sitting on opposite side of the panel going at each other. Stays at home moms were bashing working moms for choosing a career and leaving their children, calling them selfish. Working moms were bashing stay at home moms for being too lazy to get a job outside the home.

I will admit when I was in my teen years I assumed that being a stay at home mom was the easiest job ever. That most women chose to stay at home because they were too lazy to get a real job. Boy was I wrong! Now that I am older and a stay at home mom myself, I am able to see how wrong I was. Either directly or indirectly I have been questioned  for my choice of staying at home with my child. Don’t you get bored  at home all day? What do you do all day? How do you do it? It would drive me crazy being at home all day. It never gets old when people criticize stay at home moms right in front of me and I’m like” Hello” (waiving hands) do you realize who you’re talking  to.

It baffles me that women can put each other down. Whether you are a stay at home mom or working mom there is no right or wrong choice, we need to stick together. Both working and stay at home moms sacrifice a lot. Working moms sacrifice being there for their children 24/7. They will often miss the first steps and first words. They have to learn to juggle work, house duty’s and make enough time to spend with the little one. Stay at home moms will sacrifice being able to do what they want when they want. They are on the clock 24/7. Take on the job of 10 on a daily basis. No break’s, no lunches, all of a sudden everything revolves around this little person; and you have to get everything done working around their schedule.

I think it is a privilege to be able to stay at home with your child/children. Nobody should be talked down to for it. A stay at home mom works just as hard as a working mom. I am so blessed to be able to watch my daughter grow up. I have been there to watch every milestone in her life. For that I thank my amazing husband. I also love the bond I have with my daughter and wouldn’t change it for any luxury in the world.

So whether you have chosen to be a stay at home mom or working mom DON’T down talk to each other. Don’t question their decision. We all work hard and we all have the best interest for our children. We need to embrace each other, encourage, and motivate because at the end of the day we are all women!